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Are you Born Tough or Made That Way?

March 14, 2021

One of my favorite lines from Forrest Gump is Mama always said “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” This is most certainly true for me and I’m pretty confident it’s true in your life, too. No one can predict exactly how their life will unfold. I have learned to appreciate all the paths in my life, even the ones that were unwelcomed and unknown. Every twist and turn has made the part of me that was born tough-even tougher-in its own unique way!

I believe some people are born tough. However, others need some toughening up to survive……..especially in this day and age. And while physical toughness is important, I think mental toughness is superior hands down! Either way, toughness is what sets people and things apart and that’s why I am super excited to announce my collaboration with Born Tough, an up and coming fitness brand, that describes me and my life’s work to a T.

A Born Tough Collaboration

Everyday I get to head to my “office” in the most comfortable clothing you could ever imagine. If you are even a little bit jealous, I don’t blame you a bit! Dressing comfortably is just one of the many perks of my job as a Certified Personal Trainer. And since workout clothes are a staple for me, you better believe I am picky. There are so many fitness brands to choose from, so the way I decide is: cost, comfort, quality, company values, and last but not least, their name. Therefore, Born Tough is a must-try for me. And their bestselling Born Tough Contoured Ash Brown Track Suit is a must-have for me, too!

Women’s Born Tough Contoured Ash Brown Workout Tracksuit

Over the next several weeks, I will be putting this track suit through training sessions, personal workouts, and lots of washes so I can give you an honest review of this product. It is supposed to be exceptionally flexible and flattering for a woman’s body with its “attenuated fit and accentuated seams.” They go as far as to boast “this will be one of the best looking workout apparel items in your closet.” Ok, bring it on! I truly can’t wait to wear it.

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I have come to appreciate hard work. I also appreciate every ounce of feedback from my customers. This is what sets companies and the people that lead them apart. This is how tough people are born and made. Stay tuned for my honest review! 💪🏻

Born Tough Review Is IN!

I’m excited to share my honest review about the fitness clothing brand, Born Tough! After much anticipation, the workout suit finally arrived and it was definitely worth the wait. My first impression was…..this is not your average workout suit! Not only is there great attention to detail (as you can see in the pictures below) but the clothing is branded very nicely. This is very important to me as a brand owner myself and I admire those who get it right. Well done, Born Tough!

Exceptional Quality!
Super Cool Tag!
My Favorite!

One thing for sure is this piece is not only for working out. I wore it when I was training, when I was working out, and even when I was lounging around. Regardless of how much effort I was putting in, the clothing was always performing. It certainly held up to its claim of being “exceptionally flexible” and I also noticed how durable and comfortable it was to wear as well. I am 5’4” and average 130 pounds. The medium fit is true to size.

One of my favorite clients!
Hard Working ME!
Strong ME!
ME Relaxing……..usually NEVER!

Born Tough claims the suits “attenuated fit and accentuated seams” make it highly flattering on a women’s body. I was curious about this and after wearing it, couldn’t agree more! There are seams in places none of my other workout clothes have them in. Additionally, they have done a superior job at perfecting the places that need lifting and/or extra support. I also love the pocket for my phone, the hoodie that cinches for when I am protecting my hair from the rain (very important!), the extra long arms with thumbholes for keeping my hands warm, and the two zippered pockets on either side of the jacket.

This suit is only $39.99 so it’s extremely affordable as well. I wish Born Tough loads of success in the highly competitive and overly saturated fitness clothing market. They certainly have my stamp of approval! I always appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with brands who are committed to quality and excellence in whatever they are putting out there for their customers. 🏋️‍♂️

Super Serious ME!