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May 29, 2020
Born Tough Collaboration

Are you Born Tough or Made That Way?

One of my favorite lines from Forrest Gump is Mama always said "Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." This is most certainly true for me and I'm pretty confident it's true in your life, too. No one can predict exactly how ...
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Workout Snacks for Kids should be healthy and tasty too!

Workout Snacks for Kids: On-the-Go…and Tasty Too!

The question I get asked a lot these days is, "What are the best pre/post Workout Snacks for Kids that are quick and healthy too?" My best off the cuff Mom and Certified Personal Trainer advice is always the same and includes the following common denominators. First, choose a snack ...
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Kids Today: How to Build a Lifestyle Habit of Fitness.

Different Childhoods Our children are growing up in a completely different time than what most of us experienced during our childhoods. Kids today are growing up in a technology-driven age where smartphones, video games, and screens are the preferred choice of entertainment for their free time. Consequently, children who average ...
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Safe Exercises For Kids: My Top 3 To-Do At Home!

Have you ever wondered where and when to start when it comes to exercise for kids? You know they need it to grow healthy and strong but deep down--do you wonder if structured exercise is even safe for kids? Or maybe, if you have what it takes to teach it ...
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