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Our Frequently Asked Questions


How many days do I have to return the product?

If you have any issues with our product, we would be happy to accept a return for the whole product within 30 days of the original order date.

How do I start a refund?

Please contact us with your information including name, order number, phone number, mailing address and a reason for the return. If it's a manufacturing defect, we require that you send us photos of the damaged/defective product. We are happy to reimburse you for the product if you are unhappy in any way.

Where do I ship my refund?

Simply ship it back to 1400 Village Square Blvd Suite #3-177 Tallahassee Florida 32312. A defective or damaged product is not to be returned to us, instead, it should be disposed of after we've reviewed the photos and approved the refund.


All retail orders will be shipped via the most cost-effective method for our customers. You will receive an email confirmation when your order has shipped that will include available tracking information. If you have any questions, contact us.


If your kit was purchased directly from the website, the directions to access Program 1 are:
  1. Go to the Login Icon located in the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Enter the username and password you selected at checkout.
  3. Click on the Dashboard in the left column to view your purchases.
  4. Select the workout you want to view.
If you did not purchase your kit from the website, follow the directions below to access Program 1:
  1. Go to the website and click on the workouts tab in the drop down menu.
  2. Click on Program 1 and then the Buy Program button.
  3. Enter your coupon code in the appropriate space and hit apply.
  4. Fill out all the recommended spaces to complete checkout.
  5. Continue with directions above starting with the Login Icon.

*** Do NOT put the sand ball on a wooden surface of any kind.*** It is best to store it in the aerobics step when not in use