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Kids Today: How to Build a Lifestyle Habit of Fitness.

May 29, 2020

Different Childhoods 

Our children are growing up in a completely different time than what most of us experienced during our childhoods. Kids today are growing up in a technology-driven age where smartphones, video games, and screens are the preferred choice of entertainment for their free time. 

Consequently, children who average 5-7 hours of screen time​ a day are more likely to suffer from anxiety, hyperactivity, weight problems, and lack of sleep.

The screen has an astounding effect on our children and our families… 

Let me ask you something: When was the last time you could have a meal or spend adequate family time without your child glued to their electronic device? I’m sure it’s an area that could use some improvement. And while technology has its upsides, it can cause a rift or an invisible wall between us and kids today. It can be stressful when our kids argue back with us or just want to be alone with their video games and all we want to do is spend quality time with them. 

Kids today are addicted to technology and studies show how it adversely affects their growing brain.  Some studies go as far as to say it alters brain chemistry.

But there are further issues other than screen time that are preventing our children from being their happiest and healthiest selves… 

Childhood obesity and weight problems of kids today 

Childhood obesity rates have drastically increased in recent years. According to the CDC, 18.5% of kids today are clinically obese. This doesn’t even touch on simply being overweight, which is even more common. You can safely say that more than 1 in 3 children could benefit from losing weight. Our children deserve to be as healthy as possible and their weight shouldn’t get in the way of their childhood… 

And even if your child isn’t overweight or even on the screen too much, it’s crucial that they develop healthy exercise habits from a young age to prepare them to be productive and happy adults… 

So from one parent to another, I’d like to introduce MyFirstWorkout®. 

Improving the quality of life for kids today through exercise 

Exercise is one of the healthiest things kids today can do. We want our children to be their best selves. Some of the main benefits your kids will experience from the system include: 

  • Increased endorphins 
  • Promotion of a healthy heart rate 
  • Weight more balanced 
  • Increased physical capability 
  • Developing good habits for their future 

Great, so what’s included in the program? MyFirstWorkout® is a one-stop-shop for your child’s health and happiness. It includes all the necessary workout equipment and their very first complete workout program. 

Kids love the special gift Michelle includes in the kit for the kids and Mom's say kids love the fun colors and kid friendly equipment made just for kids.  Kids today love new and meaningful ways to spend their time.

What’s included in my child’s program? 

The equipment provided is as follows: 

  • Free weights: 2 sets of dumbbells with triangular heads so they don’t roll away. 
  • Exercise mat: durable non-slip material for safety. The soft and flexible material is lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • Jump rope: it’s steel wire crafted and PVC wrapped for durability with sturdy kid-size handles that they can grab better. 
  • Aerobic step: The multifunctional step is a storage unit to store all exercise equipment when flipped upside down and a cardiovascular piece or a bench when turned right side up. 
  • Sand ball: soft and tacky outside, sand-filled inside. 
  • Workout program #1: Immediate video access to your child’s first workout program. 13 exercise paper program comes inside the kit.
  • A surprise gift from Michelle! 
There are four versions of the kit based on age and each kit comes with 8 pieces of equipment.  Two sets of triangular shaped dumbbells, a sand ball, an exercise mat, a jumprope and an aerobics bench.  Kids today need to learn how to use exercise equipment from the earliest age possible.
Program one comes in both poster and video format.  There are 13 exercises depicted in the poster that comes inside the kit. Kids today learn in all different ways and  these formats are working very well for families.

The kit provides the foundation for everything your child needs to get started. To continue your child’s progress, there are 11 additional programs that increase in difficulty with every level and are available in the workouts section on the website for $14.99 each. Every program includes exercises that work the body in multiple planes to provide perfectly balanced muscle groups and improved strength, stamina, coordination, balance, and stamina.

…So if you’re wondering about effectiveness and safety- I have you covered. 

Firstly, this program was thoughtfully designed by me. A degree in Exercise Science and Fitness and two decades of being a certified personal trainer working with hundreds of clients of all ages and fitness levels went into each and every detail of this one-of-a-kind progressive kids fitness program. Secondly, it is also pediatrician and orthopedic physician-approved. Your child’s growth and safety are my number one priority and I have my own precious son doing these same exercises week after week.

Cole is five years old and Michelle's son.  He modeled many of the exercises in the My First Workout® program.  Kids today need a childhood like similar to Cole's for better quality of life.
Cole is 5 years old.

Therefore, the effects you can expect from your little one are to be in better shape, develop proper workout techniques and habits, and to be a healthier, happier child. Subsequently, the health benefits this program offers to kids today are: 

  • Improved fat loss by targeting the core in a specific way 
  • Improved cardio through 3 key exercises 
  • Increased connection with your children through their happiness and progress 
  • Discipline and healthy habits developed at a young age 

What others are saying: 

Don’t just take it from me. Here is how this program has significantly improved the lives of children around the country and, likewise, their parents’ satisfaction.

I purchased the My First Workout® program for my grand-daughter and could not be more satisfied. I would recommend this program to any parent or grandparent looking for a fun way to exercise with your children.

Dan S.

My First Workout® is fantastic! The workouts are just right, not too hard, and they will give your child a sense of progression and success. Equipment is high-quality too!

David D.

My five-year-old loves this simple and fun workout! I actually think her favorite part is that she gets to spend time with me and has my undivided attention. This a win/win in my book.

Danielle W.
This five year old girl received her My First Workout kit as a gift and is showing how much she loves it.  Kids today need their own home gym.

I love that the My First Workout® program instills healthy exercise habits at an early age to build a great foundation for adulthood. I wish I had something like this as a child! Thank you, Michelle, for creating this great program!

Delvis C.

Above all, improving the quality of life for children and parents around the country is the main focus of this program. I know every parent wants to raise happy, healthy, kind, and successful children and it’s truly fulfilling when I hear stories of how the My First Workout® program contributed to developing these important character qualities.

How to get your child’s system 

In conclusion, I want you to take a moment and think of what it will be like to know your child is building healthy habits for the future. 

They will be watching the video and exercising, releasing endorphins, and connecting with you, which is the perfect combination for enhanced well being and mood stabilization. You will have a better connection with your children, knowing you are helping them both now and later. They will be looking forward to following along with the workouts in our fun environment. Lastly, they will be in better shape, and their health will have a superb foundation to build on.

Over time, excess weight will melt away with the healthy habits developed. And they will be on their screens less and working out more. 

The NAPPA award was received in 2019 for having an outstanding children's product as chosen by parents.

As a parent, imagine the contentment and pride you will feel knowing your kid’s physical shape and health is improving. You will be happy knowing you are setting them up for future success. 

So the only thing now is to ensure that these magnificent benefits become a reality for your child! 

Click the button below, and you’ll then have the option to choose between a pink or blue set for your child and they will get everything they need to get going. Choose the color you think they will like best, and enter your info. Then we will priority ship your child’s MyFirstWorkout® program to your doorstep. As soon as the program arrives, they can begin building their health and habits for the future. Don’t wait for better health and fitness, order today so they can get started as soon as possible! 

PS- If you have any questions when your child’s program arrives, feel free to email me at