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Strong Kids are Happy Kids

Connect with your family

The MY FIRST WORKOUT® purpose is to connect parents with their children. We believe parents are looking for a way to connect with their children and exercise is one of the best ways to do that. Through this connection, we hope to instill a love for fitness that will last a lifetime.

Connect with a mission

The MY FIRST WORKOUT® mission is connecting. Connecting family members with each other, connecting families with fitness and hoping the results will be more fun in life when these areas are priority! We chose triangle shaped dumbbells to reiterate the importance of these three key ingredients in the happy life recipe. We believe children who exercise regularly will perform better at school intellectually, socially and emotionally. We believe children need an alternative to technology and parents need to feel better about their kids taking time to sit and enjoy technology periodically and exercise is the peacemaker to appeasing both sides.

Pediatrician Approved

“It’s about time someone created a fitness program geared towards children that is effective, easy-to-follow and serves to strengthen the family unit all at the same time. MY FIRST WORKOUT® teaches sound exercise principles that are not only fundamental to a child’s health and wellbeing but are essential positive lifestyle habits that must be learned sooner rather than later in life.”

Frank Walker, MD

Pediatrician And Exercise Advocate

Orthopedic Surgeon Approved

“There is immeasurable value in a fitness program that begins at a young age. This program equips parents with effective methods for teaching their children essential health and fitness principles that will last a lifetime. This program is a great start. It’s easy to introduce, it’s effective, and it’s safe.”

Gary Rolle, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Athlete Approved

“MY FIRST WORKOUT® is a must try!
My kids love it, yours will too!”

David Ross

Retired Professional Baseball Player

Mother Approved

“My First Workout has been such an impactful program for our family. My daughter loves having her own exercise program and equipment. We often work out together and it has become a wonderful way we can slow down from our busy lives, connect and have fun. I am confident that this program is instilling in her a love of exercise that will continue the rest of her life”