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The First Workout

MY FIRST WORKOUTâ„¢ is a progressive exercise program carefully designed by Certified Personal Trainer and Founder, Michelle Miller, who has over 20 years' experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. The original program comes in a kit and prepares the body for 11 more programs in the series. Each exercise is demonstrated by children under the guidance of Michelle in a fun and personal video, available below for individual purchase!

Program One
Program Two
Program Three
Program Four
Program Five (available 2/2019)
Program Six (available 3/2019)
Program Seven (available 4/2019)
Program Eight (available 5/2019)
Program Nine (available 6/2019)
Program Ten (available 7/2019)
Program Eleven (available 8/2019)
Program Twelve (available 9/2019)

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